• Nicholas Martin

    Nicholas Martin

    Have you heard of Gatsby? It’s pretty cool…

  • Onexlab


    We teach & develop for startups

  • Time to Change

    Time to Change

    We're Time to Change. With your help, we can end the stigma and discrimination experienced by people with mental health problems. Tweets by our digital team.

  • Yves Sinkgraven

    Yves Sinkgraven

    Editor @ ITNEXT

  • marcello nisi

    marcello nisi

  • Henk Pelk

    Henk Pelk

    Social Media Manager @ LINKIT, Editor of ITNEXT. Fan of chatbots, sci-fi, cycling and rock/wall climbing.

  • Toni Manninen

    Toni Manninen

  • Peter Bowyer

    Peter Bowyer

    Writer, Blogger, Christian. Digital engagement, equality, social justice.

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