Everyone gets an animal

I missed the Minecraft fad when it first came out, I wasn’t playing games at the time and while I saw others playing it I stopped myself from joining in, because it looked like you had to invest days to get anything out of it.

While I wasn’t playing Minecraft I was consuming the Minecraft culture, listening to artists such as reptilelegit and a hefty collection of memes which meant that I was aware of some of the aspects of the game.

A couple of weeks ago, in a bid to give my girlfriend more time to hang out with her family virtually, I picked up playing Minecraft for PC so that they could play on their PS4s and I could play using the cross-platform functionality.

It’s been good fun, we’ve used Facetime to communicate as there doesn’t seem to be any cross-platform chat methods for both PS4 & PC, and we’ve been given guided tours of each others worlds.

While the game has been fun there’s been a few issues with connectivity, with my PC failing to connect to a PS4 hosted game, and while the others didn’t have as many connection failures I don’t think this was unique to cross-platform play.

I ended up buying a Realms subscription so there was an always-on, centralised server that we could all connect to and craft together on, or asynchronously make improvements if we had the time.

The first experience of the realm wasn’t too great though as the initial world that was generated was pretty barren with just an island in a massive ocean so we had to reset the world to get a better one.

The inclusion of different asset packs in the subscription has proven to be quite good though as I found a pack that gives a traditional Japanese aesthetic to the blocks, which, as my girlfriend is a giant weeb made her happy.

One thing that Realms doesn’t seem to support well is creating custom islands as my girlfriend’s sister had created a previous world on her PS4 that had certain items for players to start out with but Realms just dropped us into a world with no options to set any of this.

All in all, I’m enjoying Minecraft and exploring a new world with friends in order to build things. It is really fun and it may also give me an excuse to try streaming again.

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