Programming memes that really pass my integration tests

I’ve been too busy to write a proper blog this week so here’s a bunch of programming memes.

I once crashed a server with 16GB of RAM back in 2010 because I forgot to free memory in the search call
It’s amazing how often you come across the same basic problems just wrapped up inside fancier paradigms as a programmer
22307 passing tests in 681ms is something I think even non-programmers want
Deleting code (and everything still works) is one of the best feelings you can get
I use this one a lot at work when the monthly release starts ramping up and the other teams start creating merge conflicts for my team’s PRs
Java makes me sad
I once worked with someone who felt very strongly about self-documenting code. They learned the hard way that there is no such thing as self-documenting code.
A rite of passage. Made me very sad when the story of the junior dev who dropped a prod database got fired was circulating a year or so ago.
How to win Java friends as a Python dev
Had other devs do this a bunch of times and removed my team’s work in the process
Once had to debug an issue using nothing but try, catch and the PHP die() command. That was a fun time…
Instead these days you install 300MBs of node_modules to use a React component that wraps an animation library. I miss the old HTML that I cut my teeth on sometimes
Over-engineering ftw
On the 6th day the code makes it into prod and crashes. In my experience anyway
People who knowingly do this should be imprisoned
At time of writing npm does not have a JS framework called Sparkling