Programming memes that really rebalance my tree

I’m beavering away on another post right now but it’s not going to be ready for my (self-imposed) weekly blog deadline so here another bunch of programming memes that I found funny.

Previously on Colin got distracted and started writing a blog too late:

And now your regularly sheduled shitpost:

As a naturally unfunny person and wannabe UX person this cuts deep
The Red Wedding in GoT has nothing on my Linux box
I think this comic should be part of the ISTQB curriculum as a way of explaining how defects cluster
I find these PRs spend a lot less time to review than a smaller change
I had a similar experience many years ago where someone did this on a web controller used for printing reports in Python that printed ‘here’ instead of returning the expected content. That change made it into prod and wasn’t detected for months until someone went to look at those reports and they all said ‘here’
Openness is the key to a healthy team. I work really hard to create a team where everyone feels comfortable talking openly about things like this. Mistakes happen we just need to prevent them from happening again and learn from them instead of blaming people and making them defensive.
init innit
I almost died the first time I saw this one.
Regex only ever leads to Ragrets
I’m more at home on the front-end but a lot of my more back-end focused colleagues suffer from an inability to understand CSS. Makes me feel better about my lack of knowledge on some of the more CS heavy topics.
Or Trello if you’re one of those ‘fun’ project manager types
In January of this year I put my first app on the app store and this was my reaction when it got 10 downloads in the first week. Unfortunately things fell apart and I moved onto another project but it was nice to see that people would be willing to pay for something that I built.
One of the projects I worked on a few years back did this. They had some initial success but struggled to hold onto clients so assumed the issue was down to not being ‘feature complete’ so built more and more only to learn after they closed doors that the issues were due to the software being seen as buggy
This really ye’s my ha