Test Reporting using Notion

A demo of the test reporting templates and pytest-notion

Building a test reporting template in Notion

Building templates in Notion is pretty simple.

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Using group by and a filter to show only those test executions for the test cycle

Building a test reporter to integrate with Notion

Notion at the time of writing does not have an official API but is a number of unofficial libraries for working with the notion API.

Creating a new test cycle
Creating a test execution
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Stack trace of a failed test
Adding filtered Test Execution board view to the Test Cycle page

Visualising tests

As the test cycle is linked to the test executions it’s pretty easy to see which tests were run and which tests failed as the unexecuted and failed columns of the board view show this.

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Using a calendar view to visualise test executions

Improvements and wants

Here’s a few things that could be improved that would make Notion a truly killer app for test reporting.

Grab it and have a play

One of the great things about Notion is that you can share your pages and having others use these as templates.

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