Things I done did in June

I went to see Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I’m that much of a Godzilla fan that in 2017 we went to Japan and I insisted in staying in the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku as Godzilla is emerging from the building

I’ve been a fan of Godzilla for a long time and I enjoyed the 2014 Hollywood version of Godzilla so I had high hopes for the film but unfortunately much like the 2014 film there was too much focus on the ‘human aspect’ and not enough lore development.

I like Godzilla because it’s essentially wrestling but instead of spandex the wrestlers are wearing big animatronic suits and the wrestling ring falls apart so spending half the time on Millie Bobby Brown staring at the camera while all the cool stuff is happening really ruined it for me.

I should totally become a film critic

The bits where the monsters are actually on the screen are pretty decent, there’s a few moments where the animators attempted to make Godzilla a little more animated than they should have and the scene with Mothra and Rodan fighting looked super laggy but overall the homages to different Godzilla films more than made up for it.

I went to Chicago and Pokemon Go Fest

Always pay attention when playing Pokemon Go you never know what you could miss

It’s been a pipe dream of myself and a few close friends to attend the Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago for a while and this year we finally did it!

Thanks to a new lottery based ticketing system we were able to secure tickets and after some crafty googling from another friend I was able to get a decent deal to get over there and stay.

I went for 5 nights and 6 days during which I:

  • Saw many of the sights Chicago has to offer
  • Walked 120km
  • Traded with Brandon Tan (top Pokemon Go player)
  • Attended The Silph Road after-party during which I met many of the high profile people in the Pokemon Go community
  • Got evacuated during our play day in Grant Park due a Thunderstorm warning (and got a special event back in Leeds to make up for it)
  • Ate loads of calorific food

You can read a full write up of my time over in Chicago on my blog post — Go Fest Chicago 2019

Test Atelier

The Test Atelier has a very DIY Punk vibe

On the 25th of June I spent the day in Wharf Chambers in Leeds listening to some amazing talks:

  • Automating Security Testing by Matt Robinson
  • Data Science And Machine Learning by Ian Smith
  • How To Fail Really Well by Crispin Read
  • Data And DevOps at NHS Digital by Jabeen Naikwadi

As well as more interactive sessions such as:

  • Testing Jenga by Job McNestrie
  • ISTQuizB Millionish Pound Drop by Marcus

The stand out talk for me was Crispin Read’s talk on failure as half of it turned into a group therapy session about how we all failed and celebrated how those failures helped us grow.

Leeds JS talk

Talk starts at about 14 minutes into the stream

A day after the Test Atelier I got up on stage to talk about Kafka and Node JS again.

This time I think I added some slides to add more context to why I ended up learning about Kafka and I also spent less time explaining the different Kafka concepts and actually managed to run the demo project.

After doing the talk at BJSS at an internal event I’ll probably retire the talk as I don’t think many people have experience or need to use the tech stack and I’d like to focus on a more story driven talk that a wider audience can relate to.

LeedsJS stream their events so you can actually watch the talk on their YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe for more JavaScript goodness.

Written by

Technical Lead at BJSS. Interested in Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.

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