What I done did in August 2020

Apps chugging along nicely and started looking for a place to call my own

Flat Hunting

Since lockdown I’ve come to realise that the really nice flat I rent just outside the city centre of Leeds is more of a place to rest my head and not something I can work from.

There’s a number of reasons for this, the biggest being the hotel that is across the courtyard from us, when we first moved in it was just a case of the occasional person looking at us but a year in they opened a pub at the bottom which has become very noisy.

On a similar note the courtyard this summer has been full of screaming kids, not to sound like a crumpy old man but as I’m working from home I’m facing a day of screaming outside followed by an evening of shouting and football chants which gets unbearable after a while.

I reviewed my finances and realised that I could start looking for a place and went to have a look at different apartment blocks in Leeds, Morley and Headingley.

Headingley was probably the strongest contender as the properties we saw there were very big and in nice leafy period developments but unfortunately there was a issues with the lease length which would have made it hard to get a mortgage for it.

In the end I put an offer in on a place just a little down the river from where we are which had a nice view of the river and the location of which would mean that while my walk to the office is a little longer the view when working from home would be really nice.

App development

At the start of August I had just finished building the component library for the app I’ve been building and was starting to build the automation for it.

At the time of writing I’ve implemented those components into the app and have managed to get the top 3 stories implemented and automated, this should mean that I’ll have the app ready to submit to the app store towards the end of September.

As I’m building the app with Expo though I’d imagine I’ll need to hold off submitting until Expo 39 is out so I can make sure it upgrades correctly and that will give me three months of stability.

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Technical Lead at BJSS. Interested in Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.

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