What I done did in August 2022

Colin Wren
3 min readAug 27, 2022

It’s been a very expensive month

I upgraded to a 2 monitor set up

I had a week off at the start of the month and one of my goals was to add a second monitor to my PC set up with an aim of being able to start streaming the development of a game I had an idea for.

I was quite fortunate in that almost four years after buying my existing 4K monitor I was able to find the exact same model and for a cheaper price.

I also had to buy a new set of monitor arms to support the two monitors as I only had a single monitor arm before, my desk is now a lot more spacious due to the way those arms work so I’m very happy with the set up.

Played Stacklands

Stacklands game showing 100% completion
I managed to complete the game on survival mode after 112 days

During my week off I found a fun little game called Stacklands on Steam. The premise of the game is a mix up between a card game and resource management with you having to grow and maintain a society.

I really enjoyed how laid back but actually quite hard the game play was with the food resource management in particular being something you really needed to invest time into in order to build a big enough army to beat the end boss.

Watched The Sandman on Netflix

I’m a massive fan of the Sandman comics (I even have a copy of issue 1 signed by Neil Gaiman) so when I heard that there was going to be a television series based on the books I was really excited.

Some years then passed and eventually it kinda popped from out of nowhere on Netflix’s homepage (at least for me, maybe I’m too out of the loop?) and I binged a few episodes.

I was really happy with the show and while there’s obviously some changes that have happened (for instance it’s set in the present even though the comics came out in the late 80’s) I’m still able to follow the storylines I remember from the comics.

I’m really looking forward to the A Game of You arc as I remember that being on of my favourites from my original read through.

Got really into Dolby Atmos

Last month I bought a pair of Airpod Max headphones and really enjoyed listening to songs in spatial audio via Apple Music. This month I started looking at playing games in spatial audio.

I was able to download Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Resident Evil 2 relatively cheaply and while I’m too much of a wuss to play Resident Evil 2 properly my girlfriend who really likes the series was really blown away by how the audio enhanced the game.

I eventually ended up buying an Xbox Series X and a Sonos Beam for the living room so I could play even more games in spatial audio. I also purchased a UHD copy of the Lord of the Rings to enjoy too.

At some point I’ll play around with Logic Pro’s spatial audio functionality and see if I can create a song or something in the format.



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