What I done did in December

It’s bastard cold and Christmas eats up a lot of the month but here’s what I managed to do.

Completed my Pokedex in Pokemon Shield

In November I sunk about 24 hours finishing the main story on Pokemon Shield and after completing the story set myself the goal of completing my Pokedex by catching all 400 of the critters available in the game.

I did a write up of my experience and what I liked and disliked about completing the Pokedex

Saw Gremlins in 4DX

Gremlins is one of my favourite movies and turned 35 this year which much to my joy meant they did a limited re-release in cinemas and they even added 4DX (a gimmicky system of air, water and chair movement) to it.

I did a little review of watching the movie in that new context and how it enhanced it quite enjoyably.

Had some time off

I stopped working at my day job on the 13th of December so outside of the eight days spent over the Christmas period with family I’ve had some time to get stuff in order at home which was nice.

Having read Marie Kondo’s manga about tidying up I decided to invest some time into what I wanted to get from the flat I’ll be living in until at least March 2021, which was:

  • To make it a place where I can easily deal with life admin in order to get that out of the way quickly and focus on the important things more
  • To make it a place where I can easily get into a flow state for when I want to work on projects
  • To make it a place where I expand my spare-time projects into reading, art and music (it’s all very much PC focused)

Of course, some of this isn’t going to be easy to achieve as I currently rent and I’m unable to make broad changes but my hope is that by de-cluttering and creating these spaces when I eventually buy, I can bring these over.

Started development on a top secret React Native app

I’m really excited about working on the new app as I have some time to do it, the scope’s not massive and I was able to start a greenfield React Native app with Expo.

The first step I did was to create a CI pipeline using Expo’s `build` and `upload` functionality to build and publish the iOS version to TestFlight on a release being tagged in Github via Github Actions.

One thing I’m seeing with Expo is that it’s still got some way to go catching up with React Native’s development plans as there’s some functionality such as `AsyncStorage` that they haven’t adopted the new approaches for.

However it’s been fun to define a strict set of standards for development and to rebuild functionality in an existing app but this time with hooks.

Hopefully in a month of so I’ll be done with the first version and will be able to blog about the development journey.

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Technical Lead at BJSS. Interested in Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.

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