What I done did in February 2020

The shortest month was a little longer this year

Played a lot of Pokemon

My player in Pokemon Shield must be so dizzy from all the spinning I did

February saw the launch of Pokemon HOME which immediately triggered my creature catching OCD.

This involved catching all the Pokemon I had lying around in my Let’s Go storage that I’d transferred from Pokemon Go to save space on that game.

It turns out catching 100 Meltan is really boring and pointless as Pokemon HOME does not allow trading mythical Pokemon on the GTS unless you’re friends with the other user.

Because of the Pokemon HOME I did find myself dusting off my 3DS and playing through Pokemon Moon which I never played when it launched and I think I actually prefer it over Shield from a UI and feature perspective as it does feel a lot more consistent.

I think the UI aspect however is across all switch titles as every title on the system seems to have the similar ‘flat’ UI instead of something a little more graphically interesting and ‘fun’.

In Shield I managed to complete my Alcremie dex, collecting the sweets needed to evolve Milcery into all 63 variations.

Got arty

Screen Printing progress

I did the last two sessions of my Screen Printing course in February, having started the five week course in January.

During the last two sessions I was able to start printing the Godzilla In Hell drawing my girlfriend had made me for my birthday, which I think came out really well.

I’ll probably revisit screen printing later on in the year once I have a better idea of what I’d be looking to print and a better idea of the commercials of it all.

Something I created in Procreate

My girlfriend also got me into Procreate, an iPad app for drawing that has some really great features, my favourite being the progress video which plays back the creation of the artwork.

I’m hoping to try and get at least one drawing done a week in order to get more creative but also to develop that skill as I’ve never really been that good at drawing opting instead to make vector based art using photographs and illustrator.

Read Humans Vs Computers

In the pub before January’s Ministry of Testing meet-up it was suggested that I might find the book interesting so I bought it and then life got in the way.

I finally got some time in February to read the book and it was a good suggestion.

The book covers a load of situations where humans and our complexities have caused issues for computers, this takes the form of things like name format assumptions failing to work with people with 37 names or when a daylight savings time resulted in a terrorist blowing themselves up when the bomb exploded an hour early.

If you’re interested in the way that software design fails to pick up edge cases I’d highly recommend giving it a read.

Gave a talk on redux-saga and React Native

In order to share some of the knowledge I learned from the work I’ve been doing on the app I’m currently building I decided to give an internal talk at my employer.

Being such a niche subject it didn’t draw much of a crowd but I think that worked well as it meant that the Q&A session was more useful than normal having the ability to deep dive into topics.

Got a new chair

So comfortable!

For my birthday in January I decided to give my back a present and bought myself a Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair as there was a sale on (there’s no way I could justify a full price one).

As it’s hand assembled I had to wait a little over a month for it to turn up but when it did I had a lot of fun with all the settings making sure I had the perfect set up.

The chair is ridiculously comfortable and there’s so many settings on it to ensure that stays that way.

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Technical Lead at BJSS. Interested in Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.

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