What I done did in July 2022

I walked away from buying a flat

The reason I ended up breaking a three and a half year weekly blogging habit recently was because the combination of my day job, my side-hustle(s) and trying to buy a flat got a little too much.

I failed to realise how strict Japan’s visa requirements are

After bailing on buying the flat the plan was to take the deposit money and put it towards an amazing trip to Japan. We’d originally planned to go in November 2020 but because of covid that didn’t happen and I got given a voucher from the airline and that voucher had an expiry date so it seemed like a good time to book.

I survived the hottest day in the UK

There appears to be some form of warming happening, on like a global scale — A global warming, if you will. This month we had our hottest day in the UK, topping at 40.3C but locally it was 38C.

I spoke at LeedsJS

LeedsJS is a local meetup that I help run and this month I was given an opportunity to share my journey building plugins for Miro and Figma as part of the Reciprocal.dev product I’m working on.

Went to Ministry of Testing Leeds

Ministy of Testing Leeds is another local meetup I help run and the day after LeedsJS I was back at the same venue attending a public speaking workshop run by Ady Stokes (who makes an amazing grey-board) and Scott Kenyon.

Scott explaining how to give an amazing presentation, using Ady as a white(grey) board

I went back to Apple

I buckled this month, after ditching my iPhone in March this year I ended up crawling back to using it after the OnePlus 6T I was running LineageOS on just got too much to deal with.

  • Notifications: The LineageOS & MicroG combo is really great, when it works but I started experiencing issues where apps like Signal and others wouldn’t inform me of messages until 6 hours later and because of the nature of the role I do at work this wasn’t acceptable
  • Camera: The OnePlus 6T camera under LineageOS is dreadful, if you’re lucky you might get a shot that’s not blurry but most of the time you’ll pull the phone out to capture something as it happens to find out when looking back later that the picture is nonsense. I never had this issue with my iPhone



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Colin Wren

Colin Wren


Currently building reciprocal.dev. Interested in building shared understanding, Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.