What I done did in March 2020

While being stuck at home I escaped to an island, full of cute animals.

Did my first SAFe PIPlanning Session

At the start of the month myself and about 28 others travelled down to a hotel our client had booked to take part in a 2 day planning session.

This was my first experience of a SAFe PI Planning Session and it was a great trip and there was some benefit to the session, although that plan is now in jeopardy thanks to priority changes with the new post-isolation climate.

Stopped working on app I volunteered to do

Since early December I’ve been building a new React Native app using Expo, often working another 6 hours on top of the hours I do during my normal work day.

I had originally planned on downing tools on the app temporarily when Animal Crossings: New Horizons came out as I wanted to sink a couple of weeks into the game but changes to work meant I had to do this sooner.

It was a shame to park the app as it was so close to going live but hopefully the sabbatical will allow for some issues to be solved by updates to the frameworks being used and we can also re-evaluate the app’s offering before picking work up again.

Got sign off from work so I can build my own app

The company I work for has a clause in the contract that states that they can claim IP ownership on things I build in my spare time if it’s of interest to the business.

In order to start work on an idea I’ve had for the past six years I needed to get a letter from the company saying that they’d not attempt to claim ownership, should I build it.

This was the first step I needed to start building on the idea and now I’ve got that letter sorted I can start the initial work validating the idea properly and building a team (working from home of course!).

It’s something positive to come from the weird place the world is in right now.

Started Isolation/Social Distancing

Talking of the weird place the world is in right now, the UK started isolation / social distancing in March, with no insight into when the measure will change.

This isn’t that big a deal for me as I can easily work from home and the girlfriend and myself had started to stock up on canned foods a week or so before the announcement went out.

Additionally, unlike some of the people I work with I have a semi-decent home office set-up as where I work on things in my spare time I’ve needed to create a comfortable environment to spend hours working in.

One thing that’s happened is that a number of gigs that I had bought tickets to in March and April have been cancelled but ultimately I’d not have attended even if they had still happened to ensure I didn’t expose myself to potentially carriers.

The main impact I’ve seen is that my body is used to walking about 5 – 10km a day and I’m not doing that anymore.

I think I’ll take up playing Ring Fit Adventure in mornings as a means to combat this issue so I don’t get fat but I think I’ll need to find a means to get a decent walk in at least once a week.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out

The new camera feature makes these adorable scenes so much easier to compose

I’ve been waiting for this game for ages and on the 20th of the month I finally had my hands on it.

I’d pre-ordered the digital version of the game and decided to stay up on launch morning to play the initial stages of the game for a couple of hours so I could spend the following day(s) enjoying the game in it’s fullest.

I’ve written a review of my initial feelings of the game and now I’ve had it for longer I’m still really enjoying it although I am finding the progression a little slow, which is mostly due to the way I’m playing (buying all items in shops every day).

The first big event is launching on 1st April so I’m looking forward to seeing how this handled so I can gauge what to expect in future events.

Watched Tiger King

I didn’t think America could get any weirder but Netflix shows I was completely wrong, it can and it very much did.

If you’re looking for something to watch that will have you saying ‘WTF’ every 30 seconds then this show is very much for you.

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