What I done did in March 2021

It’s been a year since lockdown hit the UK and I started working from home. I think I’ve made the most of a bad situation though.

Built the Reciprocal.dev MVP map

I’m really happy with how this has developed as I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the structures and ideas I’ll need to implement into the proper app should it turn out people want to use it.

The feature set includes:

  • Two versions of a user journey map to show how a product develops over time
  • Multiple user journeys for each version
  • Test coverage for each version
  • Variants for different markets and devices across the versions
  • A/B test variant to show active split tests and how they impact the user journey maps

I’m now going to be interviewing potential users, making changes based on their feedback and using the example map to talk through ideas with them.

I’ll be blogging soon about some of the choices I’ve made when pulling together the MVP as I had to keep my developer side in check and focus on the goal which I think is worth sharing with others in my situation.

Hit level 50 in World of Warcraft and unlocked playing as a Vulpera

At the start of the month we finally hit level 50 with our Pandaren characters (we’ve just been playing together so it’s a slow grind) and unlocked the Vulpera race.

We’re now playing through again as Vulpera although I’ve chosen a Rogue this time instead of my usual hunter class.

Caught up on 4 months of Animal Crossing

Jump forward four months and I had a massive backlog of time travelling to do to get back to the current date in the game, I managed to get my routine streamlined after a couple of months so was able to do two months in one day.

Now I’m all caught I’m hoping I can get my hands on some Sanrio Amiibo cards as Ninentdo had said they’d launch on the UK store on the 26th of March but that didn’t happen which was really annoying.

Considering the mess they made with the US launch though I’m expecting that the UK launch will also see scalpers hoarding all the packs and charging a ridiculous price for them.

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