What I done did in May 2020

Still in stuck indoors, even if the government says I can be a little more free.

Bought a robotic vacuum

At the start of the month a mate of mine told me about this cheap robotic vacuum he’d just bought and as the dust in the flat was building up a bit I bought one too.

I then found a library that reverse engineered the app that the vacuum uses and built a script to control the vacuum via a PS4 controller, you can read how I did that in my post — Interacting with my Ecovacs Deebot robotic vacuum with Python & Sucks

Sold my spare Animal Crossing Amiibo cards

In anticipation of Animal Crossing New Horizons I bought a lot of Amiibo cards as I wanted to get completes sets (which I’ve managed to do for Series 1, Series 3 and New Leaf).

I had a number of spare cards sitting around so I decided to list them on eBay as a means of making a little bit of cash back, I hadn’t anticipated how much I’d make though.

Thanks to the popularity of New Horizons the card prices are inflated (I priced them just under market price) and I’ve essentially made the money I paid for all the cards back!

Made really good progress with my side project

I started my side project in April and after getting some initial market research I found myself at a bit of a loss on what to tackle first as the main need of the users wasn’t addressable (due to how terrible LinkedIn’s developer support is).

I instead wanted to flesh out the initial idea I had and found a really good open source project that I could base this on to get some form of MVP together.

So far I’m really enjoying it and I’ve learned a bunch of new technologies such as Firebase, JSON Schema, Dialogflow and sklearn.

I’m hoping over the next month to further flesh out the offering and decide on whether I want to take the plunge into building a business or not.

Played Animal Crossing

As I’m still stuck indoors I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing, a few of my achievements this month have been:

  • Got all the KK Songs
  • Made 10,000,000 bells in turnip profits
  • Got all the fossils
  • Spent 4,000,000 bells on getting matching crowns for me and the girlfriend
  • Bought all the available in-store wallpaper and floors (working my way through these first)
  • Organised my island to accommodate flower breeding

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Technical Lead at BJSS. Interested in Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.

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