What I done did in May 2021

Finally eligible for a Covid jab, at least there’s some benefits to being old!

Played some Pokemon Snap

Towards the end of April Pokemon Snap came out so I spent that first weekend completing the main story and then went back to start completing some of the quests.

The game is basically everything I wanted from a sequel and really fun although I really wish the ‘boost’ was a little bit quicker as it’s not that effective if you need to skip to the end of a level to get one shot.

I really enjoy the interactions with the Pokemon and some of the combination of events you need to set up to get a certain set of shots.

Here’s some of my favourite pics I’ve taken so far:

Starting planning reciprocal.dev alpha

After a really good prototyping stage we decided to start building a beta of the product but after a couple of weeks of me diving deep in to data modelling (one of my least favourite programming activities) we decided that an alpha that would enhance the current prototype would provide us with a better means of getting feedback sooner.

So I got added the component library components to the prototype and I’m currently working to integrate the data modelling work I did.

One cool side effect of this work is that my blog about Firestore queries got picked up by Google’s Firebase team.

Hit level 60 on WoW

After getting one character to level 50 and then starting a Vulpera character to level 50 I finally bit the bullet and got the Shadowlands expansion for both me and my girlfriend to play through that campaign and get to level 60.

The campaign story is quite interesting although I found the bastion world to be a bit boring but every other world was interesting and I really enjoyed Ardenweald and Revendreth.

I’ve decided that I’m not that big a fan of playing as a Rogue as my set up at least means that while I can get in close and deal damage the majority of the time I take damage too quickly to be useful and will usually need my girlfriend to heal me during bigger battles so I don’t die.

Currently building reciprocal.dev. Interested in building shared understanding, Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.