What I done did in May 2022

Set up a dashboard to help me manage my side-hustles

I have a number of side-hustles and each of those has a collection of accounts that need to be logged into in order to see how many people have subscribed to their mailing lists, analytics for the product and issues in production.

Started playing Dorfromantik

After a pretty intense couple of weeks at work I decided last weekend to have some time to chill and picked up Dorfromantik, a fun little game where you build environments by matching the edges of tiles.

Got back into being social

Before the pandemic hit I used to help run the Ministry of Testing (MoT) meetup in Leeds along with 3 others but when we went into lockdown that didn’t continue and now we’re out of lockdown I’ve been helping run LeedsJS and as of this month I’ll now be helping run MoT Leeds again too.

Failed to get the last Pokemon Adventures Manga I needed

When I bought all the Pokemon Adventures Manga back in February I had managed to find a copy of Pokemon Adventures Black and White Volume 8, a ridiculously rare book in the series for about £30 (usually about £120) as it was an ex-library copy (which I have a few of, they are pretty gross so I read the e-book versions of those volumes).



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Colin Wren

Colin Wren


Currently building reciprocal.dev. Interested in building shared understanding, Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.