What I done did in November

Remember, remember, whatever I got up to this month.

Created a LSDJ songbook

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Demo showing the app I done did built

As part of the work I did creating LSDJ commands from MIDI files I decided to create an API and web UI to turn the commands into a LSDJ songbook.

It was a fun little project as not only did I get to attempt to create a JSON structure for LSDJ songs but also I recreated the LSDJ interface in React.

You can view the site over at https://midi-to-lsdj-demo.herokuapp.com/ . If you upload a MIDI file that follows the rules on the homepage it’ll display the LSDJ screens for the phrases, chains and song.

It’s very much a WIP and I’ll be doing further development on it as I understand more about processing MIDI in Python.

Played some great games

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Attempting to kill my goo-self

The start of November saw me focusing less of building stuff and playing both Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was a great return to form for the series after the second title left me feeling less than impressed.

I really enjoyed my time cleaning up the Hotel and found the unique floors a really nice way of dividing the game in a way that keeps things interesting.

Pokemon Shield has a lot of potential to be a long lived Pokemon game with the Wild Area that essentially brings Pokemon Go mechanics such as raids and weather based spawns into the game.

At the time of writing I only have 13 Pokemon left to get, all from the Sword version of the game so hopefully by next week I’ll have caught all the Pokemon.

Celebrated 12 years with my girlfriend

It’s been an interesting journey since 2007 and in the next year I’d imagine it’ll be even more eventful as we’re planning to go to New Zealand as a big ‘blow out’ trip before resigning ourselves to spending nothing and saving for a deposit on a house.

Explored the Leeds Library / Art Gallery / Henry Moore Institute

Some pics from my trip

While I had originally taken some time off in the middle of the month to play Pokemon Shield I finished the game ahead of schedule and decided to visit a part of town I’d not been to yet.

Leeds Library has some amazing architecture in it and the fact that there’s also an art gallery too and that art gallery is then connected to the Henry Moore Institute next door meant that the girlfriend and myself could spend two hours just walking around taking in all the awesome sites.

We both got really inspired to get back into art and we’ll definitely be going back when they have new exhibitions on.

I joined the Ministry of Testing Leeds team

During her talk at test.bash() in Manchester last month I replied to Suman Bala that I might use her Charles tutorial to fool the Meetup app into thinking I’m an admin of the MOT Leeds group.

She suggested that I just join the team anyways and this month I’ve officially been added to the list of organisers.

We’ve got an exciting list of events lined up in the coming months so I’m looking forward to giving back to the Leeds testing community and helping make the group really fun and valuable.

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Technical Lead at BJSS. Interested in Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.

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