What I done did in October

My shenanigans in the spoopiest of months.

Made a cover of Culinary Hypersensitivity on my Gameboy

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My big project for the month was to finally get a Gameboy cover of Culinary Hypersensitivity by Necrophagist completed.

I’ve spent about a year with that project on my backlog so I was very happy when I finally completed it and published it to my SoundCloud.

As part of the process I built a Python script to take a MIDI version of the song and turn it into a set of commands to use in LSDJ.

I did a write up on how the script works, the process I followed and how I’d like to improve on the script.

Went to test.bash()

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I was fortunate enough to be gifted a ticket to the Ministry of Testing’s test.bash() event in Manchester at the start of the month.

The conference had some amazing talks and the conversations I had outside of the talks were equally great.

I did a write up of the event and some of my favourite talks from the day.

Built a script to turn MIDI into LSDJ commands

As a means to make the creation of my Culinary Hypersensitivity cover easier I created a Python script to automate the thought process that I follow when transcribing notes to the Gameboy.

In order to make the script easier to work with I turned it into a command line tool as I could then supply the name of the MIDI file to transcribe as a argument.

I hope to spend some time in November to turn that script into some form of web service and create a web service that will allow people to upload a MIDI file and get a nice LSDJ songbook like interface in return.

Pixel bar Leeds

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I’ve had way too many of these, and they’re dangerously tasty

When I first moved to Leeds an amazing place opened just across the road from where I live – Eden, a video game bar that myself and my Pokemon Go playing friends frequented very often.

Unfortunately Eden closed just after being in business for a year and the place was kind of a husk for about another year, but now I have a new place to go hang out – Pixel.

Pixel opened at the start of October and one of the bar staff got in touch to see how the Pokemon Go community could get involved in the bar with events and the like.

We held our first post-community day PvP tournament that worked really well and we’ll be holding further tournaments there also, I just need to limit the amount of “Who’s that Pokemon” cocktails they do as I spent all of yesterday in bed with a massive hang over!

Got myself and iPad Pro

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A quick sketch of a gameboy by yours truly

Having seen someone at work using their iPad Pro to take notes and being really impressed with the way it worked I decided to buy my own as I’ve been looking for a lightweight machine for my more creative outputs.

Unlike my MacBook that takes ages to boot, the iPad allows me to dive straight into blogging and drawing which is great for just going down the pub or on the move.

I’d imagine in a couple of weeks I’ll be doing a post about making art on the iPad as this is one area I’m really keen to develop.

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Technical Lead at BJSS. Interested in Automated Testing, Dev practises, Metal, Chiptune. All views my own.

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