What I done did in September 2022

Colin Wren
3 min readOct 1, 2022
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Started a new role at work

In my day job I’ve been given an extra role which is around building a community within the office around JS and UI development. It’s my first ‘professional’ community building role after running a Pokemon Go community in the pre-COVID times in a personal capacity and I’m really looking forward to getting back on that community building horse.

Got conned by Manscaped

A while back I order myself a new shaver and it came with a pair of Manscaped boxer shorts which are probably the best pair of boxers I’ve owned. After buying another pair and contemplating if I wanted to stump up a lot of money to have that comfort everyday I decided to buy enough to last me two weeks.

Annoyingly what I was sent was completely different to what was advertised and what I had previously received so I was really pissed off and because underwear is one of those items that’s hard to get a refund on I’m now awaiting Manscaped to refund me my money but I’m sure that will go nowhere and I’ll have to rely on PayPal to help me out (I’m just thankful I used PayPal this time to pay).

All manner of things happened in the UK

September has been a bit of a crazy month in the UK, we’ve had a new Prime Minister, the Queen died, we got a new King and we had an emergency bank holiday.

I have no idea what October is going to contain but I hope it’s a little quieter.

Ported my Medium blogs over to Gatsby

After planning to do so for a very long time I got round to porting the blogs that I’ve been writing on Medium to my personal website. I wrote about the various tasks I had to in order to make the transition as easy as possible.

It was quite a fun little project as I got to play around with the unified , rehype and remark libraries which I’d never used before and as these are used by Gatbsy it’s given me a better understanding of how that framework transforms it’s datasources into a static site.

Purchased an iPhone 14 Pro

It’s not arrived yet because I wanted to wait until after the launch to decide on if it was an upgrade from my iPhone 11 Pro but after playing with one at the Apple Store and with a big holiday happening November I decided to bite the bullet and the iPhone 14 Pro.

I’ll likely write a comparison review when I get it and how the new picture formats fit into my self-hosted setup.

Had my last day at work for three months

As of time of writing I’m now on a sabbatical from my day job. I had originally planned to use the entire time to focus on building my side businesses but after things at work got very demanding in June I’ve had to put those on the back burner and I think I’ll use the first couple of weeks to destress from that before picking up anything entrepreneurial.

I’ll be writing my plans and concerns around my sabbatical next week as there are a few things that I want to do and also avoid but I’m really fortunate to have the opportunity to take the time off and thankful for my workplace for giving employees the chance to do this.



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