What I done did in September

Colin Wren
3 min readSep 30, 2021


Reciprocal.dev is almost ready for alpha!!!

This month I made some top notch development shitposts

Preparing Reciprocal.dev for alpha

September has been a busy month on the Reciprocal.dev front. After building a basic editor I set myself a goal of completing the alpha version of the site by the end of August however that didn’t happen because I scope-creeped myself.

Originally the alpha was going to be an local storage only version of the app but I decided that we should look to offer people accounts in order save their work which added a whole extra set of work to my todo list.

I finally got everything in the app into a state that I’m happy with but then in order to launch an alpha we also need a website so my focus switched to building a marketing website with FAQs and documentation on how to perform tasks using the app.

While all this is going on I also had loads of potential ideas kicking around my head without the time to explore them so it’s been a hard month of making sure I focus on the right thing but hopefully it’ll pay off soon.

Buying loads of Pokemon Manga

When I had my week off work in late August I bought a set of Pokemon Manga that was on deal as I’d read the first 7 chapters of Pokemon Adventures and really enjoyed it.

However I ended up with a gap in my new collection so I had to buy the books that fit in that gap. I think I now have more bookshelf real estate dedicated to Pokemon than I do anything else.

Skatebird came out

When I first heard of Skatebird I was really excited and proptly added it to my Steam wishlist so I could keep an eye on it and was a little upset when in August they announced it would be delayed until September.

The game was finally released and I’ve been enjoying it’s mix of Tony Hawk’s-esque skateboarding mechanics and birb meme-iness of it all. There is one annoying part of it that I’ve found which is turning when stationary but overall it’s been a nice way to kill the time.

I recorded some music

During the aforementioned week off work in August I dropped my guitar into my local music shop in order to get it restrung as I’ve got a floyd rose bridge on my Les Paul and while I’ve managed it once I like to leave it up to someone who knows what they’re doing.

Unfortunately I didn’t get my guitar back until after my week off so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and record anything until I was back at work and struggling to find time and motivation so I decided to record a cover of a short song.

It’s the first time in a while that I’ve recorded something that’s actually got some guitar on it as normally I do chiptune only covers but as I found the Audiority Heavy Pedal a couple of months back I decided to include some.

The song I recorded was a cover of Daybreak by Gatecreeper as it’s instrumental, shows off the buzzsaw guitar style I like and was one of my favourite tracks.

There’s no tab floating around for the song so I had to figure it out by ear so this marks the first time I’ve done that. I think I got most of the notes correct.

I got a reason to pick up Animal Crossing again

At the end of the month Nintendo had a Direct that teased some of the new Animal Crossing updates and it looks like in Novemeber we’ll finally get Brewster and the cafe added to the game.

I’ve not touched New Horizons in about 6 months so I’ll need to catch up but I’m really looking for to the new update. I just hope it doesn’t clash with the Pokemon remakes.



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